Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Toskala Done

The Leafs announced that Vesa Toskala will undergo hip and groin surgery and that will end his season. This was the leading factor as to why the Leafs ended up claiming Martin Gerber on waivers this morning, so they'll have an NHL starter to take the load and not drop it on the aging Curtis Joseph. Toskala will be undergoing his surgery next week to repair some nagging injuries and will give him enough time to coast into training camp without any glitches.

PhotobucketToskala, a Draft pick of John P.'s, will now be shut down and unable to collect any more points this season. Toskala managed to get 22 wins and a shutout for 46 pool points in the Draft, but the loss of a full-time starter will seriously hurt John's chances at the money for the rest of the year. If anyone was to have seen this coming, John would have likely made a move for a number one goalie at the second Waiver Draft, but he won't have that chance now.

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