Sunday, February 11, 2018

Brown Suspended For One Game

The Los Angeles Kings received a lenient sentence from the NHL Department of Player Safety on Sunday night, as Dustin Brown was tagged for only a single game after his knee-on-knee hit on Tampa Bay defenseman Mikhail Sergachev on Saturday night.

As the video below shows, the knee-on-knee contact was significant, very comparable to a much more violent time, maybe only 10-to-15 years ago, but still, as a repeat offender, like Brown is, only gets a single game.

Nevertheless, the NHL law is the NHL law and we're all viewers of these decisions.  The Kings will be without Brown for Tuesday night's contest in Carolina and then he will be eligible to return on Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

For Wes, however, these penalty minutes that Brown racked up on the play were a big help to his cause in the PIM pool, as his team made some significant gains with them.  Sorry, at the time of the post, all numbers were unofficial, but from the early count, he moved up to 30 minutes ahead of Eric's team and that does include Saturday night's action.  Brown has 52 PIM in 55 games this year, so there's a fine chance that Wes is missing out on a minor penalty, with his player in the press box watching.

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