Sunday, February 11, 2018

Noon Player Notes in the Draft (Feb 11)

The Buffalo Sabres' 2018 season hasn't gone very well, that's no secret, but it may have gotten much worse, with the injury suffered by Jack Eichel on Saturday night, a lower-body ailment, after falling awkwardly after a hit against the Boston Bruins and some reports are suggesting that this might not be a good injury at all.  We'll be playing the wait-and-see game with Eichel, but even if he is injured, I can't imagine that the Sabres are going to be in any rush to get him back in the lineup, since they have very little to play for down the stretch.

Wes' 21st placed team is more concerned about the penalty minute race in the third segment, to which Eichel has 28 minutes in the sin bin this season, but isn't counted on in that race.  Eichel is the 29th ranked player in this year's scoring race, which is a great year, so it would be disappointing to see it hampered by any sort of long-term injury.

The Philadelphia Flyers were forced to get Michal Neuvirth into the crease on Saturday night, who saved the game and won it in the shootout against the Coyotes, after Brian Elliott was forced from the game with another lower-body injury.  The Flyers are currently on the road and the management team has said that they won't have any updates on Elliott until they get back home, which will happen after today's game against Vegas, to which Elliott won't be able to dress for.  Elliott will be considered day-to-day until the update comes down.

Unfortunately for Stacey C.'s team, if he has any side bets on the board, this injury could very well sink his side completely.  At 22nd spot, his team is kind of sunk and probably won't float anywhere close to the surface before the end of the year.

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