Friday, February 02, 2018

MacKinnon Shelved for Weeks

The Colorado Avalanche's playoff hopes hang in the balance these days, as they learned on Thursday that their best player, forward Nathan MacKinnon, will miss anywhere between the next 2-to-4 weeks with his upper-body injury, which is believed to be a shoulder issue.

MacKinnon was hurt on Tuesday night against the Canucks and has already missed out on Thursday night's game in Edmonton and the injury could keep him out as late as the beginning of March.

The 22-year old left active duty in 3rd place in overall scoring in the hockey pool, having scored 24 goals and 61 points in 49 games, finally reaching some of that potential everyone saw, when he was drafted 1st overall by the Avalanche in the 2013 entry draft.

For Tony's hockey pool team, this is a pretty significant injury, given the high-profile nature of the player.  Nevertheless, Tony's team is picking up the slack, as his team is already at 17 points this week, 1 point behind the Mover & Shaker leader this week and his team is only 4 points out of 4th place as well.  Maybe his team will make it through... maybe.

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