Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Olympic Men's Hockey Pool

Saturday was a fine day for drafting and it was a fun draft for the nine people who decided to partake in the Olympic fever.  We were certainly not short of laughs, confusion and not knowing a whole lot of these players, which meant for quite the crap shoot.  You definitely saw a lot of people latch onto a team and hope for the best for that team, while a few tried to diversify a little bit.  Of course, the mandatory Korean player rule also made for a ton of entertainment.

So, the points breakdown very easily... 1 point each for a goal, assist, a game-winning goal and then a bonus point for any game-winning goal in the playoff rounds.  Most points win, winner take all... $180!

Stuart has sent me a list of his side bets, I will have those up on the website before too long and if you win any, I will be happy to give up his phone number, e-mail address or his home address for collection or the breaking of legs purposes.

The Olympic Athletes from Russia lead all countries in the pool with players taken, as 18 of the 23 players were selected in this pool and they now carry the favourite tag for the entire tournament. Canada has 17 players, Sweden has 16 players and the USA round out the top four with 15 players.  No country was shut out for players, as Norway and Slovenia each had a player taken, so that's good in a participation kind of way and everyone else has good levels of participation, where every game on the schedule should have a little bit of meaning, at the very least.

The standings page is now up on the website, which you should know already, and all the teams have been posted as well.  The games start on Wednesday and the CBC website has the best schedule, which works with your computer settings to tell you what the actual times are for the games being played.  For the official statistics, I will be working from the IIHF website, which should start updating as soon as the games start.

And if you want to buy a Korean Olympic jersey to put a name on, may I suggest this link here.

That should do it, stay tuned for more updates on the blog, as the games go on!

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