Monday, February 19, 2018

Flyers Get a Goalie in Mrazek

2018 Season July 1st, 2018
To Philadelphia POS Age GP Wins Points Cap Years Cap
Petr Mrazek G 26 22 8 22 $4 mil 0 RFA
To Detroit POS Age GP Goals Points Cap Years Cap
2018 Conditional 4th Round Draft Pick
2019 Conditional 3rd Round Draft Pick

As soon as Michal Neuvirth found his way to the injured list this weekend, the pressure was on for the Philadelphia Flyers to find an everyday NHL goalie to help guide this team into the playoffs, where the Flyers sit somewhat comfortably... at the moment.  The Flyers sit 3rd in the Metropolitan Division and without two top goalies, the rumblings were out there that they were kicking the tires on Petr Mrazek in Detroit and sure enough, the deal got done on Monday night.

Mrazek, a restricted free agent this summer, likely ensures that those two conditional draft picks are pegged to whether or not he re-signs with the Flyers, maybe some kind of playoff conditions on one of them as well.

The 26-year old Czech doesn't have stellar numbers this year, but he was playing on a Detroit team that is in the middle of retooling, maybe even rebuilding, these days, so it is forgiven to a point.

With two mid-round picks going the other way, the Flyers are not giving up a lot to stay in the playoff race and they also have made the goaltending situation a lot more competitive, once Brian Elliott and Neuvirth return from injury.

This is a pretty big gain for Mike's team, as I am to believe that there are some side bets going on, which are not posted on the webpage, that would suggest that he's in a race with table mate Troy and their proxy partner, Stacey C..  Mike has a small advantage over Troy's team and now he gets an immediate starting goalie out of this deal, which could concrete any side bet, if the Flyers continue to play well.

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