Sunday, February 25, 2018

Olympic Pool Update (Day 10, Feb 25)

The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics were destined to give us an unpredictable men's ice hockey tournament and it didn't disappoint.  I suppose, all we could have wished for was some pretty good hockey and for the most part, minus some of those questionable European guidelines, it was pretty decent hockey.  In the end, I think we all got the gold medal game that we were looking for, a well-contested game, with some last minute drama and an overtime to finish it off.  No one expected Germany to be there and no one expected Germany to hang in so well against the tournament favourites, but they arrived and they played well.  In the end, however, Russia's best players were the difference, as Nikita Gusev and Kirill Kaprizov carried their team on their shoulders and won it in extra time.

Both players were in on every goal in the 4-3 win and they truly won the day, as Germany could not seem to contain the pair, even in the softest moments, like with seconds on the clock to end a period.  The Russians are golden and the Germans should be proud of their huge accomplishments in this tournament.

Nikita Gusev was the hockey pool MVP in this tournament, finishing with 4 goals, including 2 playoff round game-winners, and 8 assists, which totaled up to 16 points, far and away the best player in the pool and the biggest reason why Neil is our winner this time around!

Neil's team finished 4 points clear of Don's team, 44-39, to take the overall title and win the $180, thanks to Gusev, who was indeed his 1st round pick, 7th overall in the draft.  Congratulations to Neil, he won a fun 2-week hockey pool, which was a good laugh at the draft and all the way through.

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