Friday, February 23, 2018

Habs Price Out Indefinitely

This season just wasn't meant to be for the Montreal Canadiens, was it?

Only seven points clear of last place in the Eastern Conference, the Habs suffered another setback, as Carey Price suffered a concussion on Tuesday night, taking a shot off the mask.  Price was able to stay in the game and the symptoms surfaced after the game and they hit him pretty hard.  He is now listed as out indefinitely and has already missed a start (and a win) against the lowly Rangers on Thursday night.

Price has appeared in 43 games for the Canadiens, but has only been able to post 15 wins and a single shutout, giving him 32 points this year, wholly disappointing.  In terms of the rankings, he currently sits 188th overall and 32nd among all goalies, good enough to be the best backup, if you wanted to think of it that way.  Injuries and organizational depth have been the biggest cruxes for the Canadiens this season and they are well-reflected in their number one goalie's numbers.

Dale C.'s 1st round pick is crashing hard into dud territory and that's the leading cause for his team to be in 12th spot in the standings after Thursday night.  Dale's team has struggled since the start of the third segment in Week Nineteen, tied for 23rd in points with only 53, already 40 points back of the leader in the segment.  Ouch!  Things don't appear to be getting much better with this injury.

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