Sunday, February 04, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Feb 4)

Haven't really done much in the way of goalie announcements this week, it's been a bit of a busy one with scratching and clawing through the Waiver Draft and getting all kinds of other stuff done. Here we are though, Super Bowl Sunday, and the NHL is getting the few games they want out of the way before the hooplah of the football game starts, so we'll put a quick little note together here for everyone.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Scott) versus Philipp Grubauer (Grant)
The Golden Knights are in Washington to take on the Capitals in the matinee start, which is set to go right away. It's Fleury versus Grubauer, which doesn't have much of a story line in the hockey pool today, neither Scott or Grant have any vested interest in the weekly nods, they're pretty far apart from each other in the standings... this one might just be about two pretty good teams, going head-to-head. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mike Condon (N/A) versus Carey Price (Dale C.)
I was somewhat, albeit very little, surprised that Mike Condon wasn't snapped back up in this week's Waiver Draft, he has been seeing some time in the Ottawa net in recent weeks and I'm sure the Senators may give him more of a run, since they are so far out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture now. At the other side, Dale C. gets a start today out of Carey Price, as his team looks to get back into the top 10 before the week goes out. His team has had a decent week, with 27 points already, tied for 3rd in the weekly scoring, but the team he chases for 10th, Stacey M., also had a good week.

Aaron Dell (Steve) versus Cam Ward (Stacey M.)
Speaking of Stacey's team, she gets a start too, trying to solidify a spot in the top 10 with a win from Cam Ward and the Hurricanes. The Canes are hosting the San Jose Sharks today and they will be countering with their backup goalie, Aaron Dell, giving Steve a big start today.  Dell, taken in the bonus round of the Week Nine Waiver Draft, actually has turned out to be one of the best players taken in that swap, but the rest of Steve's team is still rather disappointing.

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