Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Details of the 2018 Men's Olympic Hockey Pool Draft

Well, everyone... I got enough interest to go ahead with the Olympic draft and we'll do it this weekend!

So, let's break it down.  It's this Saturday, February 10th, at the Grand Slam Golf Academy (see map here), start showing up into their lounge at 1pm MT.  It is a licensed venue and they do have some food there, so grab a bite and a beer, have peek around the venue for you golfers, pay your $20 entry fee for the pool and then we'll proceed to do some drafting.

The tournament doesn't actually get started until the 14th, but we do want to have some time to do this and get it sorted out beforehand.

I have a list of every player that is on each and every roster, so I can either send you one right away or I should have some printed out for us at the draft this weekend, so it's up to you.

Depending on the number of people who come out to join us, I am expecting about 8-to-10 in total, maybe more, maybe less, but about there.  We'll probably pick in the realm of 12 players, no goalies (for the crap shoot that those will be).  In all likelihood, I would say that there would be no limitation to the forwards of defense anyone can take, we'll try to maximize our offense.  Scoring will be more like the playoff pools, with bonus points going towards game-winning goals.

This will be a great crap shoot, to say the least... come for the laughs, stay for the luck! 

Oh yes, the golf.  The Grand Slam Golf Academy, owned and operated by former (and hopefully soon-to-be returning) poolie, Larry, offers simulated golf at his location, which works out to be $50 per person for 18 holes (on one of dozens of courses) around the world.  It's pretty good fun, but he does wish for us to book ahead of time, since Saturday is a busy day.  Myself and the Sr. Sherpa are going to do 18 holes when we conclude the draft and if you'd care to join, let me know ASAP, so I can adjust the booking.

Excellent!  See you on Saturday!

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