Sunday, February 04, 2018

Week Eighteen Waiver Draft (Feb 4)

We've pretty much done it.  The first two rounds of the Waiver Draft are now complete.  Dale B. hasn't given his official word on his pass, but I feel confident enough to say that he will.  Out of the last group of teams that needed to say yay or nay to a Waiver Draft move on Saturday, only two teams reached out to make a pick and the rest were staying pat.

Once we're finished this post, then the bonus round will indeed open up!  Let's see how it goes, shall we?

Brenda & Seward were the first team up to the plate... pass!

Then it was the pool's first duo, who were tired of Jason Pominville's lack of success in Buffalo this season and they scouted some young talent in Pittsburgh, forward Dominik Simon, who has been getting some time with Sidney Crosby.  A sound scouting decision on the surface, will it be enough to get them back into the money?

Wilton didn't need anymore help, but was very close to making a swap for the sake of a swap... but thought better of it.

It has been a disappointing season for Patrick Sharp in Chicago, so Benson put him out to pasture and snapped up Ryan Spooner of the Bruins, who was left out on the available players list for a long time, not getting very much attention, given his 0.77 points per game average this year.

And then to close out the 2nd round of the Waiver Draft, both Stuart and Dale B. have moved on.

By my count, there are 31 players still on the injured list that could qualify for the bonus round of the Waiver Draft, which starts right away... these 31 players are on 16 pool teams and we still have some action left to go on Sunday, which could feature an injury or two, which would also qualify for the bonus round.  Take it or leave it... it's your choice!

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