Friday, February 23, 2018

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Feb 23)

Calgary Flames forward Micheal Ferland was held out of the 3rd period against the Arizona Coyotes for precautionary measures, as he has been nursing an injury of the undisclosed nature for the last few days, but has been able to play through for the most part.  The Flames were up on the Coyotes heading into the final frame, so he wasn't required for the period, as it wasn't do or die at that point.  If he's held out any longer, he'll be listed as day-to-day, until otherwise noted.

Derek B. was getting comfortable in 13th spot in the last couple weeks, loving life in the middle of the pack, but his team has now lost that position to Mike's team last night, dropping down a spot, thanks to only posting 10 points so far this week.  Ferland has been a solid 14th round pick for Derek's team and if it wants to retake 13th, it'll need Ferland back.

In what is thought to be a little bit of asset protection, the Edmonton Oilers held forward Patrick Maroon out of Thursday night's game in Colorado, due to a minor lower-body injury.  Maroon has been widely-discussed a major trade chip in play at this trade deadline on Monday and it will be interesting to see if Maroon plays on Saturday in Los Angeles, if he hasn't been traded by then.  He's considered day-to-day for right now.

Stacey C.'s team leaped over Ryan's team for 22nd place already this week, more thanks to Ryan's team tanking, but Stacey's team picking up 12 points so far, despite Maroon's absence.

The indicator that the market for Rick Nash is picking up is that he was held out of Thursday night's loss to the Canadiens as a healthy scratch.  His former teammate, Michael Grabner, was in the same boat last night and was dealt during the evening, so the Rangers are expected to move Nash here soon.

The healthy scratch isn't going to help Scott's 24th place team, especially if Steve's team is coming after him, making up 5 points already this week.  The gap is only 10 points, while both teams are trying to knock Ryan's team down to last place, as they have both made gains.  Once Nash gets dealt, I'm sure things will get better for Scott's team, if only marginally.

The Toronto Maple Leafs collective is now holding their breath, waiting on news on an injury to Auston Matthews.  Matthews was hurt in the game against the Islanders on Thursday night, getting crunched between a couple of Islander players.  Today, he is scheduled to have an MRI and the belief is that the injury is to his shoulder, so it's wait and see for right now.  Things didn't look so good last night, but this kid is resilient and everyone is hoping for the best.

Benson is sure hoping for the best, as his team currently sits in 2nd place and isn't having a great week, with only 11 points.  His team trails Stuart's team by 14 points after Thursday night and Dale B. is back on his tail, only 6 points back and coming on strong.  Losing Matthews could be a crushing blow.

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