Thursday, February 21, 2008

Canucks Getting Healthier

Tonight in Nashville, the Canucks will be looking a lot healthier as they'll have a couple faces back into the line-up from injury. Both Kevin Bieksa (Box 4) and Taylor Pyatt (Box 8) are expected to be back in the line-up as they take on the Predators to reclaim seventh spot in the West. Bieksa has been out of the line-up for 46 games with his lacerated calf, while Pyatt only missed one game with his upper-body injury.

With the new bodies coming back, it is also expected that Trevor Linden (non-pool), Luc Bourdon (Box 11) and Nathan McIver (non-pool) are all going to be scratches tonight. The young defensemen may see another day if Bieksa's performance is below average, thanks to returning too soon. That's a pretty big if though.

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