Monday, February 18, 2008

The Trading Landscape is Changing

Free Agent, Peter ForsbergWell, the bombshell looks to have been dropped on the trading landscape as Peter Forsberg (Wes) has told his agent (who in turn told TSN), that he doesn't feel comfortable or 100% confident in the status of his foot/ankle. If this is the case, which it likely looks to be, this means that the teams who were in the running for him (Rangers, Flyers, Avalanche, Senators, etc.) will all be moving to their next available targets with a little bit more fervor.

Since Forsberg isn't coming back, how will this affect Mats Sundin (John P.) and his no-trade clause? If Sundin is to waive it, the auction for his services should get pretty intense. I have read around the blogs and websites that the GM meetings should provide some insight as to where he is going, if in fact he is going.

Also taking his name off the proverbial list, Rob Blake (Jeff) wants to remain in Los Angeles and it would seem unlikely that he'll waive his no-trade clause. This should also change the landscape of marketable defensemen. Brad Stuart (Box 11), also in Los Angeles, has now become the most likely target for any shopping teams, including the Red Wings.

For teams like the Maple Leafs, Kings and Thrashers (who may have Marian Hossa (Dale C.) for sale, the leverage for their "available" players, which could mean some more prospects and/or picks to sway a move. The auctions should prove to be fairly interesing.

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