Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ducks Add More Defense

The Ducks acquired yet another defenseman in Marc-Andre Bergeron (Box 16) from the Islanders for a third round pick in a late deal.

To AnaheimAgeGamesPointsContract (July 1st)
Marc-Andre Bergeron, D2746181-year, $1.65 million
To Islanders
2008 3rd Round Pick

The oft-scratched defenseman might find a little bit more of a comfortable home in Anaheim where there are many offensive defensemen already there, but the scratches are also quite likely, as they already have a solid six-man rotation. He couldn't quite make the cut, except when injuries reared their ugly head on Long Island, so he was certainly available to a high bidder.

Anaheim has plenty of better picks available to them in the Draft, so the loss of a third rounder shouldn't faze the West Coast team.

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