Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shutting Souray Down

With Shawn Horcoff (Dennis) already being shut down for the remainder of the season after shoulder surgery, the other shoe, namely Sheldon Souray (Marcus), was waiting to drop for shoulder surgery as well. On Thursday, the thump of footwear on the floor resonated through Oil Country and the big defenseman will be shelved.

The veteran defenseman with the big shot will undergo arthroscopic surgery in New Jersey later on and that should shelve him for the remaining games of the NHL season.

In shutting down Souray, it looks as though the team will forego the rest of the season and play it out with little hope that they can make up the six points they are lagging behind 8th place Nashville for a spot in the post-season.

But hold on just a second... if both Horcoff and Souray are not playing for the rest of the season, the Oilers could be a bit of a player (if they see fit) to possibly rent a player or two to fill some gaps left behind and maybe come in as an underdog for the playoffs. They are only six points behind. Even before the two big guys went down, they did have plenty of cap room to maneuver and if it was a club-imposed budget they set out to pay for the cap, they have room under than now that the big guns can go on the Long Term Injured Reserve. That's something to think about, Oilers fans. A little extra talent mortgaging here and a draft pick there... they could be in the mix.

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