Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diagnosis In For Lidstrom

Well, the news isn't too Earth-shattering, but the loss of Nicklas Lidstrom (Benson) for any amount of time is obviously going to hurt. Well, the diagnosis from his MRI came in today and the league's best defenseman will be out of the line-up for three weeks.

The Red Wings should be able to survive this loss and the best part for them is that they'll have a much fresher Lidstrom heading into the stretch drive, because of this semi-vacation. If you can call it that, then it will be said.

Unfortunately for Benson, he's now sitting in the mix, but Lidstrom was definitely one of his big producers this year, so he'll definitely be missed there. Before Wednesday's games this week, Benson only lies 13 points behind fifth and 17 points from the the money. Obviously, a guy like Lidstrom who has 57 points in 62 games this season was huge for him, so will anyone pick up the slack from the blueline?

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