Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 5 Moveable Players in the Draft

Well, there are some major players being batted around the rumour mill, but in the Sherpa's draft, who is being shopped around that may make a difference to the Standings of the pool.

In first place, Stuart has a player or two being shopped around today on the deadline. The most notable and most likely to be moved, Miroslav Satan of the Islanders. Satan is going to be an Unrestricted Free Agent and the Islanders think they could get someone to play with them now, so Satan is very marketable. Depending on the style of team Satan goes to, he could very well be a better offensive weapon. A team like Detroit would be optimal for Satan.

In second place in the Draft is Clayton, who's most shopped player is more than likely Jose Theodore. Well, he may not likely be shopped, but there are probably some teams in the market for a number one goalie and Theodore could be that guy. Will he be moved? Seems unlikely, as he's the number one guy for the Avalanche and they are getting healthier and adding Peter Forsberg (Wes) to the mix.

The Senators have tried, but he doesn't want to waive his no-trade clause... and they say Mats Sundin (John P.) is changing the face by not moving. Chris, who stands in third in the pool, has a marketable guy in Wade Redden, but Redden was technically the first guy to say no to waiving his clause... and he's done it twice since the Entry Draft. He has marketability and with the instability of the Senators, maybe it's time to say yes for Redden and he may come out of left field himself to move to the West Coast.

The hottest team in the pool at the moment, Dale B., has a marketable player in Daymond Langkow. Langkow probably couldn't move to a better situation, but he's only marketable because the Flames may want to get something for him, instead of losing him on July 1st to free agency. Langkow does get to play with Jarome Iginla (Aaron) from time to time, so unless Langkow moves to a team where he centres a superstar, he could find himself downgraded in pool stock.

Fifth place, John B., had his most marketable player signed this morning, so he won't be traded. So, now I have to find another one to replace him and I'll have to go back to Calgary. Craig Conroy is in the same boat as Langkow as an expendible future free agent with a decent sized price tag. The Flames are likely to hold on to him to keep the chemistry of the team, but if another team feels they have a shot at a better position with Conroy, the right deal could come along.

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