Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Foote Goes Back to Denver

Adam Foote (Box 10) has been dealt to the Blue Jackets for a pair of conditional picks (including a conditional 1st round) from the Avalanche.

To ColoradoAgeGamesPointsContract (July 1st)
Adam Foote, D366315UFA
To Columbus
Conditional 1st Round Pick
Conditional 2nd Round Pick

Foote had troubles re-signing with the Blue Jackets and the team decided to make a move while they could and they ended up doing very well from Colorado. The Blue Jackets will have the Avalanche's first pick in 2008, if the Avs miss the playoffs this season, the pick gets deferred to 2009. If Foote is to re-sign with the Avs in the summer, the Blue Jackets will also receive a 2nd round pick as compensation.

Good news for the Blue Jackets, who are now selling off some of their older assets now that they didn't get some guys who were on their radar.

The Avalanche will now re-insert the leadership and experience that Foote gave the team in the early Cup winning years, which is a pretty huge bonus. With this move, the Avalanche have increased their chances for a playoff spot and possibly a good run.

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