Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Second Round of the Waiver Draft Finally Completed

Well, we now have made our final changes to our line-up in the Draft, all of which will all take effect on Monday, despite some of our desires to have them active sooner.

There was sure an interesting mix of drops and picks, maybe a touch more interesting on the dropping side than it was on the picking up side. Shawn Horcoff (Dennis) and Jozef Stumpel (Marcus) were the only two long-term injuries dropped out of their line-up, while the rest of those who were dropped were only mildly injured, just returned from injury or bery quiet.

Forwards and Goalies were still being picked up in the second round, which was somewhat interesting. The price of defensemen seemed to be really high, so there was quite a few players still available with reasonable amounts of points after all the key defenders were gone. Five of the six teams that picked defensemen in the first round, took a better position player in the second round. Quite the anomaly.

So, this will be the final stretch run with our new players, so hold tight!

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