Friday, November 12, 2010

Lightning Lose Lecavalier

Bad news has descended upon the Tampa Bay Lightning, as they will be without one of their big stars, Vincent Lecavalier, for at least the next three weeks after suffering a non-displaced fracture in his hand on Thursday night against the Washington Capitals.  Lecavalier tried to play through the injury, but obviously the pain was getting to be too much and the Lightning captain called it a night late in the first period.

Lecavalier has not been having an elite level type start to the year, scoring only 6 goals and 3 assists in the first 14 games of the year, far from the days when he scoring a point-per-game, but at least the Lightning have Steven Stamkos to look after that role now.  With this injury, there is a good chance that Lecavalier will fall out of the top 200 in scoring over the next three weeks, but he should be back with a healthier outlook, ready to push the Lightning a little further.

ImplicationsOn Thursday night, Peter H. became the new leader in the draft, taking an immediate 6-point lead, but this news of losing Lecavalier was not what he wanted/needed to help pad his lead or even just stay at the top for the moment.  Lecavalier's scoring rate hasn't been fantastic, but Lecavalier could miss upwards of about 12 games with this injury, which at the rate he has been scoring could mean missing out on 8 points, which is a bit bigger than his lead at the moment.

Thankfully, there is more than one player on each team or else it could be rather devastating.

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