Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Draft Player Scratches (Dec 22)

Trying to switch things up a bit in the line-up, the Montreal Canadiens decided to sit Andrei Kostitsyn down for a game, as they took on the Dallas Stars in Texas on Tuesday night.  It's hard to say why Kostitsyn got the press box assignment, but a quick look at his ice-time from Sunday's game in Colorado may suggest he was benched for a number of shifts and that led into Tuesday's game.  Montreal was unable to pull out a win against Dallas, so everything should revert back to normal.

For John P., it was a missed opportunity for another game played, but what are you going to do?  Kostitsyn has 21 points in 33 games this season, but a message likely had to be sent if his play wasn't up to snuff for the coaching staff.

Unfortunately for Eric Fehr, a death in the family kept him out of the Capitals line-up on Tuesday night, as he attended the family funeral.  The Capitals did not seem to miss him, as they continued their new-found winning ways with a win over New Jersey, but Fehr has found himself with a solid role on the team and when he's ready to return, he will have a spot waiting for him.  No word as to whether or not he'll be good to go for the Capitals' last game before the break, Thursday at home to Pittsburgh.

Fehr is a draft pick of Leon G.'s this season, a 13th round pick, 249th overall, who hasn't really found his offensive stride, but I think that could be said about a number of Capitals players.  A game or two away shouldn't make a big difference either way with a scoring pace of 12 points in 33 games.

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