Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tightness Pulls Out Lehtonen

A little bit of an injury scare for the Dallas Stars as they decided to hold Kari Lehtonen out of the team's key Western Conference match-up against the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday night after Lehtonen was feeling some tightness in his lower-body after the morning practice. The decision was more of a precautionary measure, which is generally a safe way to go with Lehtonen, who has had a history of long-term injuries.

Andrew Raycroft ended up taking to the crease on Thursday night, but lost the game, 5-3.

Lehtonen has been rock-solid to start the 2011 season, which has been excellent news for the Dallas Stars and all of the poolies that took a chance on him.  In 22 games played, Lehtonen has a 13-7-2 record and 2 assists for 28 points in the pool, which is good for 27th in the league in pool scoring, 7th among goalies.  The Stars have taken a ride on Lehtonen, all the way to the top of the Pacific Division standings and currently sit 2nd in the Western Conference.

ImplicationsThis appears to be another hard-luck situation for John P. in the draft at the moment, as he's been dealing with all kinds of injuries or other transactions to his club in the last few weeks.  If Lehtonen's injury isn't very serious, then it really won't be so bad, but John sits in 14th spot, where even a couple of points could have him back in the conversation about the top 10 and then from there you can start whispering about the money spots.

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