Saturday, December 04, 2010

Key Injury Updates

The news is getting worse for the Edmonton Oilers and Ales Hemsky, as word has leaked out that Hemsky may be out indefinitely with his groin issue.  The term indefinitely is not an absolute, but it does have a greater likelihood of being a long-term injury, rather than not.  With some time left, Chris M. has some time to decide whether or not Hemsky will be a part of his long-term plans.

It looks like the date for Vincent Lecavalier's return has been pushed back, just as he had reached his scheduled return date from his fractured hand. Lecavalier was slated to miss three weeks with his injury, but due to a setback, he will be out for at least another couple of weeks, which would have him scheduled to be back around December 18th.  Peter might have to make a decision about Lecavalier this weekend as well, since he's still waiting for his second pick.

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