Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue Jackets Missing a Few

The Blue Jackets were a little bit busy with the league office over the past few days. They had a few guys added to the list of injuries, which is a tad troublesome for all their pool holders. Pascal Leclaire (Marcus) missed last night's game against the Flames and should miss at least the next start after taking a shot to the head before Sunday's game against Detroit. The Blue Jackets will be playing the Red Wings again tonight and he will definitely be out for that match-up.

The Jackets were also without forward David Vyborny (Box 2) last night against the Flames. He was out with a knee knock, which is a day-to-day concern. But in Box 2, Vyborny won't exactly be missed.

Also out, was Fredrik Modin (Box 3). He missed the game due to a bout of the flu.

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