Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Isles Shut Down DiPietro

The New York Islanders will shut down their franchise player for the remainder of the year due to a nagging hip injury that will require surgery this week.

Rick DiPietro (Ryan) had an MRI on Tuesday in regards to the same hip that he had tweaked at the All-Star Game in February and the results were not encouraging. But with the team all but out of the playoff hunt, now was a good time to get their star player under the knife and have him rehabbing sooner rather than later in hopes for a better year next season.

DiPietro finished the season with a 26-28-7 record this season with 3 shutouts for the Islanders, which is a fair shake of points in the pool. Sadly, last place Ryan didn't quite need this injury, if he was looking to get himself out of the basement of the Draft.

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