Friday, March 07, 2008

Perry Lost for Six Weeks

I managed to catch the end of the Colorado/Anaheim game last night, but there was no mention of the injury in those last few minutes, so this one comes as a bit of a shock. It looks as though forward Corey Perry (Peter) will be missing the next six weeks with a leg laceration (through muscles and tendons).

Perry reportedly suffered the injury when Avalanche keeper Jose Theodore's (Clayton) skate came up and clipped him in the leg. There wasn't much more of a description of the injury other than how deep the cut was on his leg. The injury is likely to keep him out of the line-up for at least six weeks, possibly more.

The injury is very reminiscent of Kevin Bieksa's (Box 4) leg injury that he suffered in November. Bieksa missed 40+ games with his leg laceration, that caught him in the calf muscle. The Ducks seem to expect Perry back for the first or second week of the playoffs, but if you were to ask the Canucks defenseman, that may be a little optimistic.

In a weird coincidence... Kevin Bieksa was pool property of Peter at the time of the injury, who is also Perry's pool team owner. Bieksa was dropped in the first waiver draft for Devils defenseman, Paul Martin (Peter).

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