Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Canucks Update

At the start of the night on Monday, the Canucks were almost 100% healthy on the blueline and even up front. This meant that young defenseman, Luc Bourdon (Box 11), found himself in the press box to watch the 2-1 overtime win against the Kings. It was almost certain that he'd find himself a plane ticket back to Winnipeg shortly.

That was until the second period, when Sami Salo (John B.) had a skate clipped from underneath him by teammate Willie Mitchell (non-pool) while skating backwards into their own zone. Salo fell awkwardly and laboured for quite some time before being able to hobble off the ice. Salo gave it a couple tries afterwards, but couldn't continue to play. He should be re-evaluated this morning and it looks like Bourdon may stick around. At least for a couple more days. The Canucks are in Anaheim on Wednesday.

On the bright side, the Canucks saw the return of Brendan Morrison (Box 7) to the line-up on Monday night. He had been out for 38 games, due to a wrist injury. The inclusion of Morrison may have booked a couple more tickets back to the minors, especially if the end evaluation of the game was a good one. The team had been missing a fair bit of offense of late (with the exclusion of the 6 goals against Nashville), so the return of Morrison should be welcome.

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