Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Race for Third in the Draft

Not only will the race for first be tracked, but the race for the last money spot will be looked after as well. Unfortunately, the gap between second and third is 34 points heading into Saturday, or else that would make for yet another way to cover these races.

But it's Dale B. who owns the third place spot, only a single point up on Chris going into Saturday's action. Let's have a look at what the teams are going to look like on Saturday.

Dale B.Chris
Christoph SchubertJason Spezza
Mike CammalleriWade Reddeninj
Mike RibeiroMartin Gerber
Mark StreitSergei Zubovinj
Bill GuerinMartin Biron
Braydon CoburnJoe Corvo
Patrick SharpBrad Boyes
Daymond LangkowJonathan Toews

The action starts early with the game, Ottawa at Boston, which opens this match-up with four players, three of them active. Wade Redden (Chris) is still nursing a hip injury, but there is an outside chance that he'll dress for this one. Chris also gets a starting goalie this afternoon in Martin Gerber (Chris), for a team that has been playing pretty well in front of him of late.

Chris also gets his other starting goaltender, Martin Biron (Chris) going today for Philadelphia, as they play Long Island early tonight. Dale doesn't get any goaltending help, as both Ryan Miller (Dale B.) and Peter Budaj (Dale B.) are not active.

Dale does have the benefit of a healthy team today, as he should have all of his players on the ice today. Chris is still missing Sergei Zubov (Chris) to a foot injury, which may keep him out until the playoffs start.

This race will go all the way down to the wire, it would seem.

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