Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Squid Returns

As of Monday night, the Penguins were on top of the Eastern Conference, because of a tie-breaker between them and Montreal. Thanks in most part to their great home record (best in the East). But tonight in Tampa, they'll get a chance to improve on their road record with their best player returning to the line-up.

Sidney Crosby (Benson) will return from his high ankle sprain against the Lightning and will finally give some more points to all those people who have been holding on for dear life in the pools without him.

Crosby has missed the last 21 games with his ankle injury, where the Penguins went 11-6-4 in his absence. Not too bad when the team is missing their best player. His teammate Evgeni Malkin (Don) picked up a good portion of the slack, by leading the league in scoring at a couple intervals in the schedule.

In the Draft, the first overall selection this year was on a scoring pace of 1.36 points per game. If he wasn't injured, he would be leading the league with 91 points (28 points in 21 games) and Benson would be holding third spot in the standings with 642 points.

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