Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Night Shaved the Lead

Well, the eight games on Friday night were pretty exciting in the pool. The lead shrunk by another 5 points, as Clayton took the night, 14-9.

Cam Ward2Patrik Elias2
Nikolai Zherdev0Eric Staal3
Ryan Suter1Frank Kaberle2
Jochen Hecht0Marek Zidlicky0
Derek Roy2Alexei Kovalev2
Pavel Datsyuk3Erik Johnson1
Brian Rafalski1Marian Gaborik2
Jose Theodore2

Star players really became star players for both sides, but Clayton's were just a little bit better by the end of the night and he made good use of his extra game being played as well. Only two of Clayton's eight players didn't score two or more points, which is a great help when the final tally is being done.

On Saturday, it's another eight games on the schedule and the line-up between our two leaders looks fairly similar to Friday night.

Miroslav SatanDaniel Alfredsson
Tom PotiJohan Holmqvist
Cristobel HuetAlexei Kovalev
Cam WardAlexander Ovechkin
Vincent LecavalierEric Staal
Robert LangFrank Kaberle
Erik Johnson

The big difference for these two is that Stuart has both of his goalies lining up today, but since Cam Ward (Stuart) played last night, there is a slight chance that John Grahame (Box 24) will get the start for Carolina against Tampa Bay.

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