Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hernia Sidelines LaBarbera

You can't predict injuries, but it is a crappy feeling when you recommend a player for both waiver drafts and he goes down for the rest of the year after he was picked up. In my defense, he was getting starting minutes at the time.

This week, Jason LaBarbera (Aaron) will undergo surgery to repair a sports hernia. As if there hasn't been enough of those this season. The injury, which usually gets diagnosed as a groin problem, gets re-diagnosed as a hernia and surgery is necessary. It's happened two or three times this season already.

LaBarbera only managed one win in 196 minutes for Aaron after the second waiver draft, which didn't really help his cause much. If it wasn't for this injury, he would still be the number one guy in Los Angeles, but now it's Dan Cloutier (non-pool).

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