Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hurricanes Place Whitney on IR

The Hurricanes have lost yet another big player for the remainder of the regular season in Ray Whitney (Jeff). Whitney will undergo surgery to remove a damaged bursa sac in his ankle, which was the result of an infection of an injury earlier this season.

Whitney managed to play in 63 games where he managed 25 goals and 34 assists in the year, which was a pretty good pace for scoring, but he couldn't keep himself healthy all season. The Southeast leading Hurricanes will miss his scoring for the rest of the year, as they keep the lead of the division from the Washington Capitals.

In the pool, Whitney's health was one of the problems had to deal with through the year, but it wasn't the only problem. Jeff has lost a lot of ground from the Top 10 and now it couldn't be out of the question that he'd fall even further in the Draft.

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