Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heatley Out 6 Weeks

The Senators had a pretty rough night on Saturday when they were up against the Red Wings. In quite possibly one of the most important games, the Senators were lucky enough to get through with the two points, but ended up losing one of their top forwards to a fairly serious injury.

A separated right shoulder will keep Dany Heatley (Jeff) out of the Sens line-up for 4 to 6 weeks. He injured his shoulder on a forechecking play that ended up with a collision with the end boards. It was quite apparent that Heatley was injured when he finally picked himself off the ice.

Heatley was just under the pace for 50 goals this season and now it seems rather unlikely that he'll make 50 for a third straight season. Heatley had 25 goals and 31 assists in the first 43 games this season and he'll now likely miss upwards of 18 games over the next 6 weeks. He'll also have to miss this year's All-Star Game in Atlanta, which will open the door to another Eastern Conference star to play.

For Jeff, he hasn't had much luck of late with some injuries and this being his 1st round pick (4th overall) in the draft, it's a huge blow to his season. If he indeed misses 18 games, at his scoring pace, Jeff and the other Sheet holders will miss out on around 23 points.

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