Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jackpot for Ovechkin

Sid has his. Richards has his. DiPietro will be an Islander for a long, long time. Well, let's face it... Alexander Ovechkin (Clayton) is a franchise kind of player and the Capitals acknowledged that fact for their top scoring superstar with a giant contract.

Ovechkin signed a 13-year, $124 million deal on Thursday afternoon, which is now the biggest deal in NHL history. Both Rick DiPietro (Ryan) and Ovechkin will have their contracts expire on the same year, but Ovechkin will be 35 and DiPietro will be 39.

This season, Ovechkin is tied for second in the league in goals (32) and 9th in the league (12th in the pool) in points (52). He's been a wrecking machine that's had a bit more help there in Washington, but he's one of the better building blocks to work around. Rookie Nicklas Backstrom (Dale C.) and Ovechkin have already made some magic for the Capitals... a preview of years to come.

This deal will keep Ovechkin employed for a long time, but face it... wouldn't you want him for his entire career if you were an NHL GM? I know I would.

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