Thursday, January 03, 2008

Legace Leaves

There could be some bad news a brewin' for the St. Louis Blues. In last night's contest, their starting goaltender only managed to make it through one period before having to leave and not come back out for the second.

Reports are saying that Manny Legace (Wes) took a shot in warm-up off the mask, which may have led to a head injury (possibly a concussion) that forced him to not return for the second frame. The reports will likely be confirmed later on this afternoon, but it doesn't look too positive for the Blues' keeper.

Legace is already short on minutes after injuring his knee earlier in the season, but now this opens up the door again for back-up, Hannu Toivonen (Box 12) to get some more quality minutes.

Neither goaltender were taken in the Sheet pool, which shouldn't come as a great surprise, but Wes will certainly miss Legace in the Draft, as he has accounted for 32 quality points this season. Goalie points have been somewhat clutch in the Draft this season.

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