Thursday, January 17, 2008

Statsny Out Up to 3 Weeks

The Avalanche have done well without two of their top stars for the past few weeks already, but now the next 2 to 3 weeks will be even more of a struggle with their top scorer out of the line-up.

Sophomore forward, Paul Statsny (Wes) will be out of the line-up after undergoing surgery to remove his appendix on Thursday.

Statsny leads the Avalanche with 47 points in 46 games for the Avs and these games will be the first ones he misses in his career. Before this injury, he played in 128 consecutive games.

Statsny is Wes' 3rd best player on his pool team and will definitely be missed. Wes has been in the race to stay in 8th spot over the last few weeks, but this loss could be quite damaging to his progress.

Paul Statsny is also a popular choice in Box 3 on the Sheet with 17 selections.

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