Tuesday, October 18, 2011

McDonald Diagnosed With Concussion

As I had mentioned on Friday, Blues forward Andy McDonald was befallen by a head injury and his status was in doubt going forward. Well, the reports are in and the dreaded 'c' word has reared its ugly head and now the prognosis on McDonald is very cloudy going forward, so he will now be listed as out indefinitely with a concussion.

This comes as a pretty big blow to the offense for St. Louis, as McDonald does a great job supporting a lot of the youthful wingers that are on the team and is a pillar for the team to lean on in a lot of circumstances.

McDonald was off to a reasonable start to the season, picking up a pair of assists in the first three games of the season for St. Louis.

ImplicationsThis was not the news that John P. wanted to hear, as one of his better forwards has now been taken off the active roster. John also has had a rough start to the regular season, standing down in 19th spot through Monday's action and losing his 7th round pick won't help matters much.  He'll need some extra help from some of his other offensive tools to get him back in the game.

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