Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Wings Extend Kronwall

On Monday morning, the Detroit Red Wings announced the signing of a new contract extension for defenseman Niklas Kronwall, reportedly for 7 years, worth $33.25 million, a $4.75 million cap hit per season.

Kronwall is to assume the duties of the franchise defenseman when Nicklas Lidstrom retires in the near future and is being groomed by the captain to do so.  Kronwall is known for his physical defensive play and has been able to kick in a very respectable amount of offense in his career, something the Red Wings have prided themselves in with Lidstrom in the line-up.

So far in the 2012 season, Kronwall is off to a bit of a slow start defensively, only scoring 1 goal and adding 1 assist in his first nine games of the year, but he has topped out at 51 points in the 2009 season, so you know that he is good for some good numbers.  In the 2011 season, he had 37 points in 77 games, which ranked him 223rd in pool scoring, 31st among all defensemen, which made him into a valuable commodity at the hockey pool draft this year.

At the draft, Kronwall was taken in the great blueline panic, 86th overall in the 4th round by Ryan M..  So far, he hasn't panned out well as a 4th round pick, but he may even it out down the stretch, as he was one of five top defensemen taken in the round.

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