Sunday, October 30, 2011

Erixon Sent Down

As any Flames supporter will gleefully tell you, New York Rangers defenseman Tim Erixon has been sent down to the minors, following the team's 5-4 shootout loss to the Senators on Saturday afternoon. Erixon was supposed to start the season in the minors, but the post-concussion symptoms of Marc Staal forced the team to use the young Swede, but as the early part of the season has worn on, the Rangers have used Erixon less and less and with the loss, a shake-up was obviously needed to help spark the Rangers. Erixon, being one of the easiest to send down, was indeed sent down on Saturday evening.

In nine games played this season, Erixon has yet to register a point and like it was mentioned earlier in the post, his ice-time was dwindling, going down from 18 minutes, only a few games ago, down to just over 7 minutes in the loss to Ottawa.  Confidence in the rookie obviously dwindled from the coaching staff and with a couple of poor performances at home, something had to happen to the line-up.

ImplicationsThe news is understandably bad for Leon G. in the draft, but with no points registered in the regular season to date, how much is he really going to miss Erixon going forward?  Well, you can't get points from a player if he's in the minors, so he'll definitely miss that point potential, as low as it might be.

Leon's team is in a bit of a rut in Week Four, in line for the Basement Dweller nod this week, the team has dropped down from 8th spot in Week Three to 15th spot going into Sunday's action, where he only has one skater game to play in the week.

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