Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shoulder Issue for Hemsky

I warned you back in 2008 and there was a reminder to stay away this season, but Ales Hemsky is just too talented to stay away from.  I get it.  High risk, high reward.

On Thursday night, in Minnesota, the Oilers have again lost the services of the 28-year old Czech forward, this time it looks like for a couple of weeks to a sprained shoulder.  The report that I had read on Sunday morning sounded kind of hazy, so a couple of weeks could be just a guideline at this point.

In the two opening games for the Oilers, Hemsky only recorded 1 assist in those games and now he could miss upwards of 6-to-8 games before it is all said and done, which is a solid blackout of points in this stretch.

ImplicationsIn the draft, because yes, he was taken, Chris M. will now miss out on these games from Hemsky, which will likely hurt his current situation of 7th place in the pool.  Chris had a decent week to this point, picking up 22 points, but he certainly missed Hemsky when the Oilers' top line was buzzing against the Canucks on Saturday night.

Chris' skaters rank near the bottom of the pool in games played to this point, appearing in 41 games in total, 9 games off from the top, 5 off the bottom of the pool and his injuries are already mounting.  The rest of his team will need to do something amazing to keep him afloat.

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