Saturday, October 22, 2011

Booth To Vancouver in 4-Player Deal

2011/2012 StatsContract Details
To VancouverPositionAgeGPGAPYears
Cap Hit
David BoothForward2660114$4.25 million
Steve ReinprechtForward3500001$2.05 million
2013 3rd Round Draft Pick
To FloridaPositionAgeGPGAPYears
Cap Hit
Mikael SamuelssonForward3461231$2.5 million
Marco SturmForward3360001$2.25 million

After the Canucks win against the Wild on Saturday afternoon, the team announced that they swung a big deal that sees David Booth and Steven Reinprecht join the club, sending Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm in the other direction.

Booth is off to a slow start to the 2012 season, having only 1 assist with the new look club, while Reinprecht has been toiling in the minors, as he hasn't seen any regular season action with the Panthers since early in the 2011 season.

Samuelsson has been dealing with some soreness and tightness after dealing with off-season surgery and Sturm only played in six games for the Canucks since being an off-season signing, not registering a point.

In this deal, the Canucks get a little younger with Booth joining the line-up and Reinprecht will likely head to the AHL, as they are already so deep down the middle and having already traded away two more wingers.  The Panthers now add to their motley crew of cast-offs, also saving some cap space in the deal.  Both teams get a top six forward, both see some speed going the other way, but the Canucks do end up getting a 30-goal scorer with some potential still to be realized, likely getting the better end of the deal.

Salary CapThe Canucks, not including Mason Raymond or Aaron Rome, who are both injured, have a projected annual total of $60.3 million against the cap, assuming that Reinprecht will head to the minors after this deal. That does leave them some extra room, but Raymond will take up a good chunk of the remaining space, when he returns to the line-up later on this season.

The Panthers, with some injury problems of their own, are roughly coming in at $53.5 million against the cap for their annual projections, but that's not 100% accurate, but with so much room on either side of the ceiling or floor, it really doesn't make much difference.

ImplicationsIn the draft, Booth belongs to Stuart G., who entered the evening games on Saturday in 3rd spot, 14 points behind 1st place, while Samuelsson belongs to Clayton C., who entered the evening games in 6th spot, 6 points behind Stuart.

Booth, Samuelsson and Sturm were all included on the selection sheet as well, but I don't think any of them were very popular.

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