Monday, December 10, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Dec 10)

It's a brand new week, the zeroes are all up on the board and now we see all of our teams battle for that coveted spot in the Mover & Shaker again this week. 

Of course, that conversation begins and ends with the goaltending on this blog, for whatever reason.  It has somewhat usurped that conversation, since the goalie survivor pool isn't paying out this year and is only a sidebar conversation.

Movers and shakers!  That's where the pride is!

Casey DeSmith (Benson) versus Robin Lehner (Chelsea)
Benson has had one Mover & Shaker already this season, but Chelsea has not and now's as good a time to get one.  Both teams can use some mid-season magic to put a little hop in their steps in the hockey pool.  Benson's team is only 16 points up on Chelsea's in the bottom of the standings, maybe for bragging rights alone, this could be somewhat of a big game.  DeSmith versus Lehner, both goalies confirmed nice and early this morning.

Jonathan Quick (Derek B.) versus Jimmy Howard (Tony)
The lowly Kings are into Detroit to take on the Red Wings tonight, who are not necessarily all that much better and that means that the 2 points for our goalies are anyone's to grab.  Okay, they're either Derek or Tony's, according to tonight's starters.  Quick goes for Derek, Howard for Tony and both are mired down in the bottom half of the standings, much like the two NHL teams being represented tonight.  If either of these teams can get to the Mover & Shaker this week, they'd be the lowest team to do so this season.

Henrik Lundqvist (Scott) versus Louis Domingue (Eric)
This was actually the last game I put together and the Rangers were not confirmed, but either way, confirmed or not, all four games tonight feature hockey pool teams in the bottom half of the hockey pool standings, as Eric's team is confirmed to have Louis Domingue for the Lightning and if the Rangers have Henrik Lundqvist start, Scott will get a start too.  If the Rangers go elsewhere, it's a non-pool start.  Eric's team sits 21st, 23 points up on Scott's... so is there anything really to play for down at the bottom?

Keith Kinkaid (Neil) versus Martin Jones (Brenda & Seward)
Cory Schneider got the call for the Devils last night, losing in the shootout to the Anaheim Ducks, so Keith Kinkaid gets the nod for the Devils tonight, when they dive into the Shark tank tonight.  Neil has already had a Mover & Shaker nod this season and I'm sure he's hungry for more, since his team got off to a pretty good start to the year, but has fallen off recently.  A mover nod could be the spark his team needs to get back into it.  Last week's dwelling duo get a chance to have their new week get off on the right foot with Martin Jones and the San Jose Sharks.  The Sharks have been better of late and they might actually be worth the points that some of us have picked them for.

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