Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Canucks in Anaheim

The Canucks will roll into Anaheim tonight for a meeting with the Ducks and rumours are abound before the game begins. That isn't to say that this game didn't need any more meaning than yet another match-up between two rival teams.

The Canucks are still awaiting the decision of whether Roberto Luongo (John B.) and Brendan Morrison (Box 7) are ready to go. Luongo is nursing a rib contusiion, which may keep him out of this game and Morrison went back to Vancouver to check out a wrist injury. If Morrison can't play in this game, his Ironman Streak will end at 542 games.

The Canucks have recalled Mason Raymond (non-pool), Jason Jaffray (non-pool) and Drew McIntyre (non-pool) to help out the team, just in case.

The Ducks are not banking on the return of Scott Niedermayer (non-pool) tonight, but stranger things have happened. Niedermayer wants to get back into the line-up as soon as possible, but he hasn't attended too many team practices as of yet. Despite his natural skill, it is a newer look team that Niedermayer wants to jump back into, so they may hold off until the weekend for his return.

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