Friday, December 21, 2007

Murray Leaves Game

The Bruins suffered an injury setback last night against the Penguins. Despite the injury, they did fight valiantly to climb back into the game before losing in the shootout, 5-4. So maybe, the injury wasn't such a bad thing...

Winger Glen Murray (Chris) left the game with what is understood as a torso injury and it remains unclear what the full extent of the injury actually is.

His 19 points in 34 games has been handy in the Bruins' winning ways, so if there is a substantial amount of time lost due to this injury, it could very well be detrimental to the team and their winning ways.

On the brighter side of the injury page, Tim Thomas (Don) started his first game for the Bruins last night, which is good just from the "returning to action" point of view.

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