Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sherpa's New Favourite Player

There are a few times in a year that you really get to say 'wow' when a player razzle-dazzles around the ice and shows off some real skill. In Washington, they have some players that can really do the razzle-dazzle like it's nobody's business. Alexander Ovechkin (Clayton) and Alexander Semin (Dale C.) are two players that can put the puck on a string and walk it like the family dog. But there's a new kid in town... and boy oh boy, watching the game against the Rangers last night was sure impressive.

Rookie defenseman Mike Green (Benson) showed off some sensational skills against the much-better-defensively-playing Rangers last night. And not just at any point in time of the game... but in the third period and overtime when the score was tied.

I thought I would attach the highlights from the game last night. Green shows up in a number of spots in great offensive situations. He jumped up into the play a number of times, including scoring the overtime winner with a great goal, top shelf on Henrik Lundqvist (John P.). It's unfortunate the highlights didn't show the last good chance for the Caps in the third, where Green toe-dragged around two sprawling defenders, only to put his top-corner destined shot into the chest of a teammate in the chest. Wow, was that impressive... but likely over-looked. This kid will likely join the YoungStars game at the All-Star Break and will dazzle those watching in the 3-on-3 format.

He's definitely on my "Ones to Watch" list... he should be on yours as well.

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