Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wisniewski Fought Himself Into a Knee Injury

I suppose if the pool this year was a contest to see how many people you can have on your roster with a long-term injury, it wouldn't be much of a contest with Dennis' team manning the infirmaries across the league. On Wednesday night, one of his Waiver Draft selections decided to take part in the game, "musical injury reserve spots," after a fight when the game had ended.

Defenseman, James Wisniewski (Dennis) had enough of Jordin Tootoo (non-pool) and decided to get into a wee bit of a boxing match with the lad. Both players were dropping bombs left, right and centre and then fell to the ice in a normal fighting fashion. It must have been in the fall that Wisniewski ended up blowing out one of his knees and now he'll be out for up to 6 weeks.

In 10 games for Dennis, Wisniewski has managed 2 assists, but will be on the sidelines, just about the time for the second Waiver Draft to commence. This is a huge blow for the defender and his pool team. It does not look very promising for Dennis, who now has 6 players on the injured list, 3 of them long-term.

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