Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another Ovechkin Injury

It's not terribly often that the player who gets handed the major for kneeing and the game misconduct gets the worst of the infraction. Alex Ovechkin received his second major and gate in as many weeks, this time for putting the knee out for Tim Gleason of the Hurricanes, but it was Ovechkin that had to be helped off the ice with the injury.

The initial word is that Ovechkin's knee is just sore and that he'll be a day-to-day deal, where he could find himself back on the ice sooner rather than later. Of course, the Capitals were very nonchalant in saying that his upper-body injury was day-to-day, when it turned out to be week-to-week.

ImplicationsLosing the best player you have is not a way to win the hockey pool, so it should come as little surprise that John B. is actually in last in the pool, since this will be the second time he'll be without Ovechkin. There really isn't too much more that needs to be said there.

Now, it could be a good time to start moving away from Ovechkin, if he's going to start becoming an injury risk on a regular basis for the Caps. He is tied for the box lead in scoring with Zach Parise of the Devils with 30 points each, but don't forget, Evgeni Malkin is in the box too.

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