Sunday, December 20, 2009

Preds Make Arnott a Late Scratch

A mysterious upper-body injury made Jason Arnott into a late scratch on Saturday afternoon for the Predators, who were taking on the Flames. There was nothing in the previous 24 hours to suggest that Arnott was going to miss any time, but he wasn't on the ice in Calgary. He should be considered day-to-day for now, until there is an update of course.

In 29 games for the Predators this season, Arnott has 11 goals and 11 assists. Not the greatest scoring rate, but he's been a good second line forward for Nashville this year.

ImplicationsArnott is another one of those five players on Chris' team that is currently missing work this season. Arnott has now missed seven games this season, missing out on upwards of five points, if you were to consider his scoring rate.

On the Sheet, Arnott's 22 points ranks him closer to the bottom of Box 2, where the box leader (Henrik Sedin) has twice the amount of points that Arnott does. Arnott was not chosen, however, so there is very little implication to the standings.

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