Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Varlamov Almost Ready to Come Back

It looks like Semyon Varlamov is getting ready to return to the Capitals' crease very soon, as the word on Tuesday morning is that he was sent to Hershey of the AHL to start a conditioning stint with the minor league club. There is no word how long the stint will be for, but since he's still in his entry-level deal, he didn't have to be placed on a conditioning stint or clear waivers, meaning that he can be down with the minor league club for as long as the Caps like without any repercussions.

With how well Michal Neuvirth is playing with the club over the past couple weeks, the Capitals may not be in a hurry to bring him up, unless they can move Jose Theodore in the next few weeks.

ImplicationsVarlamov is one of the starting goalies for Trevor in the Draft and is a pretty good piece of the puzzle on that pool team. Trevor has the 6th ranked goaltending team in the pool this year, as Varlamov supports Niklas Backstrom of the Wild there. Backstrom is doing well to keep Trevor up in those rankings, but I'm sure Trevor would prefer to have both in the line-up about now.

Varlamov went into the season as the Caps number one goalie on the Sheet, so he wasn't as popular to take this year, only being taken once. His 29 points this year isn't very good in that box, as he's now way behind box leader, Martin Brodeur, who has 56 points this year. This is definitely worth a trade.

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